Biometrics secured smart card Identification Device
Integrated encapsulated autonomous biometric system
+ register reference fingers
+ authentificate
+ erase reference fingers

Integrated secure (class 2) card reader for SIM-sized cards
Integrated random PIN-generator
Integrated input for PINs

Only after a successful biometric finger recognition access to the private part of the smart card is provided

No access to the biometric systems on board - no "backdoor"
Up to 4 smart card PINs can be securely stored inside the unit
Very easy to use without memorizing any PINs
Provides very strong binding of the card to the person

Functions like the BSID without Flash and RFID transponders

A large automatic AES encrypted flash without a smart card reader is available as BS-Drive AES

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Our complete consulting offer includes:
+ Development of an operations concept
+ Installation and training of your personnel at your premises
+ Configuration of the units for "rollout"